AMOS 13 Fin 3000W Oil Filled Radiator

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Efficiently heat any room with the compact AMOS 13-Fin 3000W Oil Filled Radiator, a superb heating solution for both home and office. It's ideal as a supplementary heating source with its slim, easily maneuverable design, making it suitable for smaller spaces such as spare bedrooms, offices, caravans, and holiday homes. The radiator, featuring caster wheels, can be easily moved to where heat is most needed. Its discreet design ensures it fits well in any room. It provides consistent warmth with three heat settings, allowing you to choose between 1000W, 2000W, and 3000W. The adjustable thermostat and user-friendly switches enable quick customization for pleasant, consistent warmth.

Voltage: 230V ~ 50/60Hz
Power: 1000W / 2000W / 3000W
Plug: Standard 3-pin UK Plug
Dimensions: Heater (with wheels): 61.5cm (H) x 62cm (W) x 25cm (D), Fin Size: 57cm (H) x 12.5cm (W), Cable: 150cm (L)
Weight: 12kg
Boxed Dimensions: 68cm (H) x 56cm (W) x 17cm (D); Weight: 13.44kg

This environmentally friendly heating solution is designed with 13 heating fins to quickly warm up the room. Its oil-filled nature ensures efficient heat conduction, maintaining warmth even at lower settings and saving energy. Safety is enhanced with integrated overheat protection, automatically shutting off power in case of overheating. Other features include a power indicator light, a slim and easily maneuverable design, a carry handle and wheels for easy relocation, and an integrated cable tidy. The package includes the AMOS 13-Fin 3000W Oil Filled Radiator and a manual.

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