AMOS 14" Open Top BBQ Grill

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AMOS 14" Open Top BBQ Grill

Product Description:

The grill comes with a wind guard to shield the food from wind and breeze, and helps to keep your coals lit. The grill/grid can be moved up and down with 4 height levels so you can control the cooking of your food.

The main body of the grill is made of high thickness carbon steel material which can retain heat and makes it easy to clean.

The BBQ Grill can be quickly assembled or unassembled allowing you to take it with you wherever you go. 
• Ideal for use in the garden, festivals, camping and other outdoor events
• Sturdy round metal barbecue
• 4 cooking height levels
• Move the grill/grid up or down for your preferred cooking level
• Removable grill/grid with handle
• Made from high-thickness carbon steel
• Reinforced support frame

Packaging Dimensions: 

• 35cm diameter (30cm grill area) x 52cm (approx. total height)
• 1.84kg
Package Contents: 
AMOS 14" Open Top BBQ Grill - Black/Red

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