AMOS 230 Electric Heated Clothes Arier

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The AMOS 230 Electric Clothes Dryer offers an ideal solution for indoor drying and airing, especially during unpredictable weather conditions. With its 20 heated bars, including fold-out wings and side rails, it ensures faster drying compared to traditional methods. The dryer can hold up to 10kg of wet laundry and provides approximately 11.2m of hanging space. It's energy-efficient, costing just a few pennies per hour to run, making it an economical alternative to tumble dryers. Lightweight and foldable, the dryer is easy to store and transport, fitting into tight spaces like wardrobes or under beds when not in use.

Voltage: 220 – 240V / 50Hz
Power: 230W
Surface Temperature: 45 - 55ºC
Certification: CE, SAA, LVD, ROHS
Plug Type: Type G – 3 Pin (British)
Open Dimensions: 94cm (H) x 148cm (W) x 54cm (D)
Folded Dimensions: 6cm (H) x 112cm (W) x 54cm (D)
Cable Length: 135cm

Designed with convenience and efficiency in mind, the AMOS 230 Electric Clothes Dryer is made from lightweight, non-corroding aluminium, and is easy to open/close with a sturdy design. It's gentle on clothes, preventing shrinkage and reducing creases. The dryer includes an illuminated On/Off switch for added safety and has a sleek silver color. It's perfect for drying clothes, towels, and sheets indoors without the drawbacks of traditional drying methods.

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