AMOS 3 Way Trifold Mirror 360 Degree View With Height Adjustable Telescopic Hooks - Perfect For Shaving Hair Cutting Makeup

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AMOS 3 Way Mirror

Product Description:

The premium AMOS 3 Way Mirror is the perfect mirror to give you a clear view of all angles, making it an excellent choice for applying make-up, shaving, styling your hair or even cutting your own hair.

The 3-sided design of the mirror provides a 360° view depending on how it’s used with your reflection. The mirrors can be adjusted to suit the required angle making it easier and more effective at viewing the sides and back of your head.

The case is made with high quality ABS plastic and premium HD glass. The high-definition glass gives you a clear and realistic reflection with no magnification or distortion.

The mirror can be adjusted to your required height thanks to aluminium telescopic rods in the mirror - simply place the hooks over the top of a door and pull the mirror downwards from the top of the door.
• Clear view of all angles 
• No more blind spots
• Height adjustable
• Hang from any door - pull down to adjust to required height
• Portable and durable  
• Fold away for compact use at home or on the go
• Perfect for applying make-up, shaving, grooming, hair styling or cutting your own hair

Packaging Dimensions: 

• 31 x 3 x 19.5 cm (folded)
• 92 x 3 x 19.5 cm (open full length)
• 30.5 x 3 x 19.5 cm (per mirror)
• 1.5kg
Package Contents: 
AMOS 3 Way Mirror

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