AMOS 32" Tower Fan with Remote

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AMOS 32" Tower Fan with Remote

Product Description:

On those hot days, we all need something to cool us down whether it is a cold drink or a fan blowing cool air around the room or office.

This AMOS 32 Inch Tower Fan is powerful and quiet with a space-saving design while creating a refreshingly cool breeze.

STAY CHILLED - Even on the warmest summer nights, our slim fan will keep you comfortably chilled. Choose from one of 3 different speed settings, while the oscillation function helps ventilate your room by circulating the air. With a wide-angle feature, this fan will deliver breezy air quickly.

EFFECTIVE COOLING - Oscillating fans provide better cooling because they rotate, thereby allowing better airflow around the room. The air is moved around, as compared to stationary fans that only move the air straight ahead. 3 Wind Modes - Normal, Nature and Sleep to suit your preference. When set to ‘nature’ mode, the fan will automatically fluctuate through the 3 speeds emulating the gusts and lulls of wind for a natural feel, while setting ‘sleep mode will slowly decrease the intensity of the airflow over time

POWERFUL AND QUIET - it's powerful enough to provide good air circulation even in bigger rooms. It's quiet and will remain low noise, even when operating at the highest speed. Good choice for a bedroom fan.

7.5h TIMER AND REMOTE CONTROL - to make changing the settings even easier. The oscillating mode can be switched on or off - just as you like. Soft-touch control panel, LED display with the temperature reading.

SPACE SAVING - slim, tower design is what makes this small house appliance ideal for a smaller house or room. A classic and elegant look will also be a good match for your office. Dimensions: H: 81cm W: 21cm


• Keeps you cool around the house and office
• Great airflow for those hot humid days
• 3 Speed Settings providing Low, Medium and High Powered Breeze
• 3 Wind Modes - Normal, Nature and Sleep to suit your preference
• Oscillation feature provides 90-degrees of automatic rotation
• In-built timer allows for 7.5 hours in 0.5-hour increments.
• All features can be activated via the wireless remote control
• LCD display with temperature reading
• In-built handle – easy to move around
• Slim and space-saving tower design with a stable base
• Quiet and smooth operation


• Voltage: 220 – 240V ~ 50Hz
• Power: 45W
• UK standard 3 pin plug
• CE Certified
• RoHS Compliant


• Height: 81cm
• Base: 21cm
• Cable: 180cm (L)

Package Contents:

1 x AMOS 32" Tower Fan
1 x Remote Control

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