AMOS 480 LED Cascading Curtain Lights 3 x 2 Metres Christmas Decoration Set

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AMOS 480 LED Cascading Curtain Lights – 3 Metres x 2 Metres

Product Description:

Enhance your festive decorations this Christmas with this set of deluxe energy efficient LED light complete with 8 sequences/functions to suit your preference. The lights are 3 metres wide and 2 metres long to give a cascading curtain effect, perfect for draping on fabric curtains, walls, fencing, window, etc.The light sets come with a 10 metre long lead cable to reach most plugs (if possible). 

The transformer comes with a button that allows you to switch between 8 different light sequences/functions: 1. Combination, 2. Waves, 3. Sequential, 4. Slow Glow, 5. Chasing/Flash, 6. Slow Fade, 7. Twinkle Flash, 8. Steady On.

The light sets can be used in complete safety both indoors and outdoors but ensure that the transformer is plugged into the mains supply indoors and not outdoors, or in damp conditions.
• 480 LED lights
• Perfect for enhancing your Christmas decorations
• Can be used indoors and outdoors – mains plug must be kept indoors
• 10 metre lead cable
• 300cm horizontal length x 200cm vertical length
• 15cm between each wire/stream
• 8 controlling light sequences/functions
• Smart lights automatically turn on same time each day
• 8 hrs on/16 hrs off timer
• Fitted with LED bulbs: 3.2V 20mA 0.064W
• Operates on 31V – 6W

Package Dimensions: 
• 3 metres x 2 metres
• 790g
Package Contents: 
AMOS 3 x 2 Metre 480 LED Cascading Curtain Lights (Chosen Colour)

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