AMOS 7" Rechargeable Foldable Mini Desk Fan

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AMOS 7 Inch Rechargeable Foldable Mini Desk Fan        

Product Description:

On those hot days, we all need something to cool us down whether it is a cold drink or a fan blowing cool air around the room or office.

This AMOS 7 Inch USB Rechargeable Mini Desk Fan is powerful and whisper-quiet and offers the ultimate in portability while creating a refreshingly cool breeze.

ULTIMATE IN PORTABILITY - Easily portable, the AMOS cordless cooling fan is whisper-quiet, silently circulating the air around you. Our compact, battery-operated fan is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Create a breeze while resting in the garden, working in the garage, in your home office or in the bedroom.

LONG-LASTING, RECHARGEABLE BATTERY - Providing cool relief without the hassle of finding an outlet, this personal fan is powered by a long-lasting, rechargeable battery. Recharge the cordless standing fan with the included 1.2m USB cable for up to 6 hours of comfortable cooling at home or on the go.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT - Weighing just 465g, our portable fan is exceptionally lightweight for easily carrying from the bedroom to the office then out to the garden. The freestanding fan is also compact for versatile placement on a desk, a bedside table, a bookshelf or counter.

3 SPEED SETTINGS - A simple two-button operation allows you to turn the rechargeable desk fan on and off and cycle through the 3 fan speeds to suit your needs.

HIGHLY ADJUSTABLE - The AMOS cordless cooling fan is durably constructed. The height can be adjusted from 36cm to 90cm and the fan can also be tilted up and down for optimal cooling.


• Compact battery-operated fan
• Recharge the cordless desk fan with the included 1.2m USB cable
• Keeps you cool around the house and office

• Perfect for your desk, bedside table or an office cubicle
• Great for travelling, camping

• 3-speed selection - great air flow for those hot humid days
• Adjustable height from 36cm to 90cm
• Can also be tilted up and down for optimal cooling

• Quiet and smooth operation
• Foldable for easy storage
• Lightweight, compact design for portability


• Voltage: 220 – 240V
• Power: 5W
• Rechargeable battery 3600 mAh
• Charge time: 4.5 hours
• Operating time: up to 6 hours
• Noise level: 30 – 40 dB

• Speed Setting: 3 Speed Button Switch
• CE Certified
• RoHS Compliant


• Height from 36cm to 90cm
• 1.25kg

Package Contents:

1 x AMOS 7 Inch USB Rechargeable Foldable Mini Desk Fan       
1 x Instruction Manual

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