AMOS Anti Rodent Rat Spray 500ml Repellent Deterrent Cable Wire Electric Home Garden Garage Protective Coating Resin

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AMOS Anti Rodent Spray 500ml

Product Description:

The AMOS Anti Rodent Spray is the ideal solution for repelling rodents and other small animals. The spray provides a solution with resin that coats the materials, protecting them from future potential damage - once dry, surfaces are covered in a protective film.

The spray provides a preventive application on plastic sheaths, rubber hoses, sheaths of electric cables or transmission cables, insulation foams, indoor or outdoor furniture, etc.

The vaporised solution contains a resin that will deposit on the materials to protect them. Once treated, materials can no longer be damaged by rodents, dogs or cats. Long lasting protection, simple and fast.
• Repels rodents and other small animals
• Protects cables and insulation for up to 6 months
• Perfect for home, garden, office or garage
• Produces a protective resin
• Long lasting protection up to 6 months
• Ready to use spray

Package Dimensions: 
• 24 x 10 x 5 cm
• 500ml
• 570g
Package Contents: 
AMOS Anti Rodent Spray 500ml

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