AMOS Black Kettle BBQ Grill

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AMOS Black Kettle BBQ Grill (48cm Kettle)

Product Description:

Made from strong, sturdy steel and finished with an enamel coating, this high-quality kettle style BBQ grill is perfect for barbecues.

Kettle BBQs differ to other BBQs in the fact they have small air vents in the lid to control the air flow which then controls the heat of the BBQ.

This simple yet effective Kettle BBQ is perfect for those with minimal space. It is easy to move around on big tough terrain wheels and can brought out or put away easily.
• Ideal for barbecues, parties, camping, etc.
• Kettle BBQ shape
• Lid with adjustable air vent
• Removable ash tray catches ash and other debris
• Rust proof damper controls temperature when the lid is on
• Bottom storage grid to hold food, plates, utensils, etc.
• Fitted with two wheels for easy movement
• Comes with chrome grill and coal grate

Packaging Dimensions: 

• 48 x 48 x 21 cm (main drum)
• 85cm (total height)
• 4.91kg
Package Contents: 
AMOS Black Kettle BBQ Grill
Removable Ash Tray

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