AMOS Callus Rasp

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AMOS Callus Rasp



Product Description:

Do your rough dry calluses rip your stockings? Are they uncomfortable when you walk and painful to remove? Are you ashamed to show your bare feet?

Look no further! Do your pedicure at home and save money with this amazing AMOS Callus Rasp.

Your feet won't forgive you squashing them for hours into ill-fitting tight shoes, all in the name of fashion! At the end of the day when you take those off, your feet feel tired and sore. Give yourself some relaxation time today. AMOS Callus Rasp is an ideal tool after a long day of work so you can relax and unwind at the same time, pampering your heels and toes.

This double side tool is easy to use and practical. It can be used on heels, the balls of your feet, toes and the sides of your feet, gently removing hard skin and calluses. It gives your feet a smooth feel and beautiful look in just a few minutes, without leaving home!

The coarse side features precision micro-files that quickly, but gently, remove dead and hard calloused skin while exfoliating and rejuvenating your feet. It is perfect for the reduction and removal of stubborn calluses and hard corns. The other side features a salon standard buffing emery pad to give your feet that perfect silky smooth satin finish.

AMOS Callus Rasp also features a built-in compartment to catch shavings and the grate is removable from the handle making cleanups a breeze.

With a strong, sturdy, ergonomically designed handle AMOS Callus Rasp is easy to grip, very comfortable to use and durable. It's light, compact and easily fits into any purse or bag making it perfect to take with you even when you travel.

AMOS Callus Rasp is a fast, simple and gentle way to enjoy beautifully smooth soles in just a few minutes. Get one today and put your high heels or sandals back on!


• Trusted AMOS brand
• Double-sided callus rasp
• Coarse side for removing hard skin & calluses
• Buffing emery file side leaves skin soft & smooth
• Revitalises tired feet
• Ergonomic handle
• Built-in waste compartment to catch shavings
• The grate is removable for easy cleanup
• Salon treatment at home!
• Saves time & money
• Suitable for both professional & personal use


• 17.8cm (L) x 3.4 (W) x 1cm (D)

Package Contents:

1 x AMOS Callus Rasp

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