AMOS Ceramic Fan Heater

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AMOS Ceramic Fan Heater

Product Description:

Rapidly heat any room with this compact AMOS Ceramic Fan Heater.

Great Heating Solution for Smaller Spaces

Ideal as a supplementary heating source, the slim, compact, easily manoeuvrable design of the heater means that it’s a great solution for smaller spaces. Great for spare bedrooms, offices or even caravans and holiday homes, this super compact radiator is easy to move to the spaces where heat is most required.

Instant Warmth with Two Heat Settings

Meeting at the crossroads of safety and efficiency, this PTC heater with a quiet fan provides more uniform heating than traditional heating technologies, low power consumption, fast heat-up and improved safety.

AMOS Ceramic Fan Heater provides instant warmth so no more waiting for your heater to build up . You can choose from three settings including 1500W High Heat, 750W Low Heat and normal cool blow fan. The easily adjustable thermostat gives you complete control over the temperature within your room and a quick and easy way to banish the chill during the colder months.

Compact Design

Its ultra-compact design makes this heater the ideal solution for heating small places including conservatories, caravans and small offices. Perfect on an office desk or bedside table. Its built-in carry handle means this lightweight heater can be easily stored and moved around your home whilst discreet, free-standing design ensures it will look great in any room.

Improved Safety

With integrated safety functions, the radiator provides peace of mind when in use. Overheat protection ensures that in the unlikely event that the radiator overheats, the power will automatically shut off. Equipped with tip-over safety switch, AMOS Ceramic Fan Heater will disconnect if it is tilted or tipped over.


• Efficient Safety PTC ceramic heating element
• Quiet fans the hot air around the room for uniform heating
• Rapidly heats up the room
• Ideal as a supplementary heating source
• Great solution for smaller spaces like bedrooms, offices or even caravans and holiday homes
• Adjustable thermostat to achieve your ideal heat level
• Three Settings: 1500W High Heat, 750W Low Heat and cool blow fan
• Indicator light
• Tip-over switch and overheat protection for safety
• Ultra compact, easily manoeuvrable design
• Built-in carry handle and lightweight design for easy relocation


• Voltage: 230V ~ 50Hz
• Power: 750W / 1500W
• Standard 3-pin UK Plug


• Heater (Standing): 28.5cm (H) x 26cm (W) x 18.5cm (D)
• Cable: 130cm (L)
• Weight: 1.39kg
• Boxed: 32cm (H) x 22cm (W) x 19.5cm (D); 1.89kg

Package Contents:

1 x AMOS Ceramic Fan Heater
1 x Manual

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