AMOS Cooling Gel Pad Chilled Cold Natural Comfort Pillow Cushion Mat Sleep Aid

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 AMOS Cooling Gel Pad

Product Description:

The AMOS Cooling Gel Pad is the ideal accessory to help you stay cool during those warm summer months. The pad reacts to your body temperature, drawing it away from your skin and producing a natural cooling effect to help you deal with the heat.

The Cooling Pad can be used as a seat cushion, on top of your pillow or even inserted in to your favourite pillow. On hotter nights, place the Cooling Gel Pad in the fridge for a few hours before going to bed for the ultimate cooling pillow, helping you get a better a night’s sleep.

The Cooling Gel Pad can be folded and packed for travelling. Use on those warm journeys to cool you down while you travel.

The effect of the Cooling Gel Pad means it can be used for a range of things where something cold is ideal. Use on sore or aching areas after exercise, as a seat cooler, alleviate fever or even use it to help cool your pets on those hot and stuffy days.


• Choose a Gel Pad with or without foam
• A non-toxic, eco-friendly gel pad
• Absorbs excess heat to produce a natural cooling effect on those hot stuffy days
• Cooling gel formula helps to alleviate headaches, hot flushes, aches and pains
• A cushiony polyester material for utmost comfort
• Multi-purpose - can be used as a pillow, seat cushion, cooling mat for overheating gadgets and sore joints
• Use for pet comfort
• Convenient and compact
• Can be folded for easy storage, portability and travel
• Perfect for home, office or travel use
• No need to refrigerate

Package Dimensions:

• Pad: 50 x 34 x 3 cm - Packaging: 35 x 17.5 x 3.5 cm
• 1.35kg

Package Contents:

1 x AMOS Cooling Gel Pad (with Foam Pad)


1 x AMOS Cooling Gel Pad (no Foam Pad)

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