AMOS Eezy-Dry Electric Clothes Dryer 15kg Indoor Wet Laundry Warm Air Drying

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AMOS Eezy-Dry Electric Clothes Dryer

Product Description:

With the unpredictable British weather, drying your clothes indoors rather than risking hanging them outside is often the only option. However, wet clothes draped on warm radiators can raise moisture levels in your house, creating ideal breeding conditions for mould spores. Drying clothes on regular clothes airers often takes too long and tumble dryers can be rough on delicate, hand-wash items and expensive to run.

AMOS Eezy-Dry Electric Clothes Dryer is the perfect solution for indoor laundry drying. If drying clothes is taking too long, whether caused by cold weather or demands of a large family household, this indoor electric dryer is the perfect home appliance to speed up laundry drying.

Large capacity for quick and efficient laundry drying

Great for rainy days when the outside washing line is out of action, AMOS Eezy-Dry Electric Clothes Dryer will dry items more quickly than a traditional laundry horse and prevent a buildup of allergens.

It can hold up to 15kg of damp clothing (roughly 25 separate items) and if you hang smaller items on two tiers you can fit even up to 50 items. There are also optional 8 bars that can be added on either tier giving you even more options of placing your wet laundry even without hangers. This drier can accommodate varying sizes and lengths of clothing or even shoes leaving enough room for all the warm air to circulate.

You can dry your entire laundry load indoors and in one place. No need for expensive tumble dryers, inefficient clothes horses that take up a lot of space or hanging your laundry on radiators.

Safe and Gentle Drying with Fewer Creases and No Shrinkage

AMOS Eezy-Dry Electric Clothes Dryer dries wet clothes using warm air generated by a powerful 1300W motor. Clothes are dried gently but effectively, with the freshly-aired results of an outdoor clothes line but much quicker and at a fraction of the cost of a tumble dryer.

Drying in this way also significantly reduces creases and won’t result in shrinkage. Your clothes will be left feeling line-dried and fresh.

Easy and Safe to Use

Drying your laundry with the AMOS Eezy-Dry is very easy. Simply place your wet clothes on coat hangers (not included, plastic hangers are recommended) and hang them inside the dryer. Zip up the cover and select the desired time setting depending on the quantity and type of clothes. You can select times between 20 and 240 minutes using the buttons on the motor unit or the included remote control.

This dryer is also very safe with its intelligent temperature control system to avoid overheating.

Lightweight and Easy to Move

AMOS Eezy-Dry Electric Clothes Dryer is amazingly lightweight yet very sturdy. Made of durable non-corroding metal and plastic and with castor wheels, it is easy to move around the house. Also easy to clean, the frame can be wiped with a damp cloth and the cover can be hand washed.

It is easy to assemble with no tools required and when folded flat does not take a lot of space for easy storing or transporting.

Please Note: Hangers are not included.


• Ideal solution for drying clothes, towels, sheets indoors
• Large capacity – warms up to 15kg of laundry at once (Roughly 25 Items)
• Hang smaller items on two tiers – up to 50 items
• Energy efficient motor
• Clothes dry safely – no shrinking or damage
• Kinder to clothes than tumble dryers
• Helps to reduce creases

Easy to use with simple timer button (20 to 240 min)
• Easy to assemble with no tools required
• Made from durable materials
• Stable frame with castor wheels for easy movement
• Includes a remote control with On/Off button and timer settings


• 220 – 240V / 50Hz / 1300W
• Optimal capacity: 8kg
• Maximum capacity: 15kg
• Certification:
• Power Plug Type: Type G – 3 Pin (British)
• Remote requires 2 x AAA batteries (NOT included)


• Assembled: 148cm (H) x 70cm (W) x 48cm (D)
• Folded: 165cm (H) x 70cm (W) x 15cm (D)
• Cable Length: 140cm
• Boxed: 70cm x 24cm x 23.5cm; 4.6kg

Package Contents:

1 x AMOS Eezy-Dry Electric Clothes Dryer
1 x User Manual
1 x Remote Control

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