AMOS Flat Mop & Bucket Set with 3x Microfibre Mop Heads

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Experience unparalleled floor cleaning efficiency with the AMOS Mop and Bucket Set, ingeniously designed with a two-chamber bucket system for both damp and dry cleaning. This innovative feature allows one chamber to wash the mop heads while the other expertly wrings them out, ensuring they are perfectly prepped for any floor type, from laminate to hardwood. Included in the set are three eco-friendly, reusable microfibre mop heads, specifically designed to trap dirt and debris, making them ideal for a variety of surfaces and contributing to an environmentally conscious cleaning routine. The mop's telescopic stainless steel handle offers ergonomic comfort and is easily adjustable to suit any height, ensuring a comfortable, strain-free cleaning experience. Compact in design (23x19x39 cm), the mop disassembles and stores neatly within the bucket, ideal for space-saving in homes, flats, or offices. Additionally, the bucket features a convenient water drain, simplifying the task of emptying and maintaining hygiene post-cleanup. This practical and efficient mop and bucket set is a must-have for effortless and effective floor care.

Features and Benefits:

    • Innovative Dual-Chamber System: The AMOS Mop and Bucket Set streamlines cleaning with two chambers – one for washing and one for efficient wringing. Perfect for all floor types.
    • Eco-Friendly Microfibre Heads: 3 reusable microfibre mop heads, eco-consciously designed for durability and superior cleaning on all surfaces.
    • Compact & Easy-to-Store: Maximize space with a compact 23x19x39 cm design. Disassemble the mop for neat storage, ideal for small spaces in homes, flats, or offices.
    • Hassle-Free Water Drain: The practical water drain simplifies post-cleaning emptying. Enjoy a tidy and hygienic process, enhancing overall cleaning efficiency.



  • Light-weight
  • Sturdy
  • Adjustable Handle


  • Mop Extended: H 152cm x L 12cm x W 32cm
  • With Bucket: H 152cm x L 19cm x W 23cm

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30 Day Returns & 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty.

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