AMOS Globe Air Revitaliser Purifier Freshener Ioniser Colour Changing LED Light

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AMOS Globe Air Revitaliser with Colour Changing LED Light & 3 x 10ml Fragrances (White)


Product Description:

Purifies! Refreshes! Cleanses!

The AMOS Globe Air Revitaliser is ideal for a range of air purification applications. Whether you need to remove dust, fumes, fungus, pollen, odours, fibres, smoke, soot or any microscopic airborne particles; the AMOS Globe Air Revitaliser is your 'go to' product. If you are thinking about ways to better your home, health and work environment, then look no further.

The motor arm rotates at up to 2200rpm to remove strong pollutants and odours. This excellent and portable device helps to purify the air that you breathe, using ordinary tap water, which means there is no extra cost.

The ioniser creates negative ions and the scrubbing effect removes odours, bacteria and air contaminants, whilst releasing clean, healthy air into the environment. It is perfect for improving your indoor air humidity and will relieve your breathing, eyes and skin in heavily air-conditioned rooms or during dry seasons.

It is the perfect solution for allergy sufferers, helps remove allergens such as pollen with ease and can make a big difference to those with conditions like eczema or hay fever.
It includes 3 x 10ml fragrances: Garden of Eden, Sandalwood and Wild Berries. Made from natural extracts and pure essential oils, these fragrances contain microbeshield, which kills disease-causing bacteria, effectively controls odour and improves air hygiene. You can add a few drops of your favourite essence and it will freshen the air in no time, enhancing your mood and sense of well-being.
The colour changing LED light helps to promote relaxation and suits a cosy home, office environment, special occasions or parties.

Great for use throughout your home or office
, this air purifier was specially designed for use in almost any place, with a standard UK 3-pin socket. You can place it in your hallway to create a welcoming, fragrant atmosphere for visitors or in your kitchen to neutralise lingering cooking smells. It can help you to eliminate cigarette smoke and pet odours. For a great night's sleep, place it in your bedroom or for optimal working conditions, place it in your office.

Make sure that the air you breathe is healthy, clean, safe and rejuvenating! Buy your amazing AMOS Globe Air Revitaliser, today!

Please Note: Do not use with hot water as it will melt the water container. Only suitable for use with cold water.


• Helps to provide relief to people suffering from airborne allergies
• Relieves symptoms related to dry seasons & air conditioning
• Helps to purify the air you breath
• Eliminates odours, bacteria & air contaminants
• Ioniser creates negative ions that help reduce dust and other pollutants
• Colour changing LED creates a relaxing ambient atmosphere
• Motor arm rotates up to 2200rpm
• Use it anywhere in your home or office
• Includes 3 x 10ml fragrances (Garden of Eden, Sandalwood, Wild Berries)
• Compact design
• Mains powered
• Made of high quality, durable plastic
• Easy to use & get running


• Air Revitaliser: 18cm (H) x 18cm (D)
• Cable Length: 130cm


• 220 - 240V / AC 50Hz
• 14W
• Water Capacity: Min 250ml / Max 650ml
• Coverage of Air Washing: 30m2
• Continuous duration: 24 hours
• UK Standard 3 Pin Plug
• CE Certified, RoHS Compliant

Package Contents:

1 x AMOS Globe Air Revitaliser (White)
3 x 10ml Fragrances (Garden of Eden, Sandalwood, Wild Berries)

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