AMOS Super Sponge Mop with 1 x Super Absorbent PVA Sponge Heads Telescopic Handle for Floor Cleaning

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AMOS Super Mop

Product Description:

Clean like never before with the AMOS Super Mop! It is all you need for a quick and effective floor cleaning.

Super-Absorbent Sponge Mop Head

The AMOS Super Mop The comes with a super-absorbent sponge head made from a special PVA material which means that it can hold much more water than a standard mop head and won’t drip liquid back onto your floor.

The mop head is replaceable and refills are available for purchase.

Versatile Cleaning Solution for Spills, Dust and Pet Hair

This AMOS Spray Mop is perfect for a quick cleanup of those nasty spills around your house. It cleans, absorbs and dries in just one sweep without scratching so is safe for almost any floor including tile, laminate, marble and wood.

The sponge mop head can also be used damp to pick up dust and dirt that you would usually clean with a vacuum cleaner or a brush. It is particularly useful for attracting pet hairs when drawn across carpets and rugs.

“Pull and Lift" Wringer Lever Provides Effortless Wringing Action

Thanks to its cleverly designed
wringer lever with a simple pull and lift action the wringing arms are squeezed to remove every last drop right from the sponge into your bucket. Effortless wringing action with maximum squeeze to keep your hands free of dirt and water.

Telescopic Handle for Easy Reach

The incredible absorbency of the Super Mop Pro means it’s perfect for super-easy cleaning of windows, patio doors, even cars, leaving you with at a streak-free finish.

This AMOS Spray Mop features a telescopic handle that extends from 105 to 135cm to make easy to reach those high-up areas or surfaces like a car roofs, windows or patio doors. No need for standing on step ladders or stools. There is no need to kneel down - it can clean under tables, chairs, kitchen islands. There is also no need to kneel down – the long handle lets you clean under tables, chairs, kitchen islands.

This AMOS Super Mop is a perfect choice for an efficient cleaning experience with minimal effort.


• Cleans, absorbs and dries
• Leaves floors clean and dry in just one pass
• 1 x super-absorbent PVA sponge head
• Safe on vinyl and linoleum, wood and laminate, ceramic tiles, marble and stone
• Great for removing pet hair from carpets
• Unique wringing lever removes every last drop
• Makes cleaning floors easy and saves time
• Long telescopic handle extends from 105 to 135cm for easy reach


• Mop (Assembled):105 - 135cm (H) x 28cm (W) x 7cm (D); 0.67kg
• Sponge Head: 28cm (W) x 6cm (L) x 4.5cm (D)
• Box: 54cm (L) x 29cm (W) x 7cm (D); 0.86kg

Package Contents: 

1 x AMOS Super Mop
1 x Sponge Mop Head

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