Christmas Tree Stand - 6" Base - Metal - Solid Steel - Plastic Coated - Black

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6" Christmas Tree Sparkle Stand 

This sturdy Christmas Tree Stand is just the thing for keeping your beautifully decorated tree standing straight and true. Even while groaning under the weight of tinsel and baubles, you can be sure that your tree will remain standing straight and true. Up to the screws, the central pot of the stand is watertight, allowing you to fill it with water, and prevent your tree from drying out while indoors. This tree stand is designed to fit a trunk with a diameter of up to 6 inches.


  • Height 16cm (6¼in)
  • Width 27cm (10¾in)
  • Depth 27cm (10¾in)

Needles coating your carpet is the most frustrating part of having a real tree for Christmas, and drying out is an important contributing factor to needle drop. This tree stand helps you alleviate the drying out of your tree by allowing you to fill this stand with water. It is also equipped with 3 holding screws to keep the trunk securely and tightly held in place, ready for your decorations. This tree stand is designed to fit a trunk with a diameter of 6 inches or less.

  • Watertight - holds water in, allowing your Christmas tree to avoid drying out
  • 3 holding screws - three screws ensure that your tree remains upright and held securely throughout.
  • Plastic coated steel - sturdy material sure to hold your tree up with ease

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